Horses with pink skin around the eyes have an increased risk for
developing skin cancer and cateracts. We help decrease that risk with
cosmetic tattooing.

If you elect to have your horses eye tattooed we
will schedule a time that is convenient for you. The day of surgery
the patient is given a sedative and an induction agent. He/she is
placed in lateral recumbancy (on their side) on a well padded surgical
table.  Once the horse is in surgery it is placed on a ventilator
which delivers inhalant anesthetics, and 100% oxygen. The
ventilator/vaporizer maintains the horse at a surgical plane of
anesthesia and insures the horse is being adequately ventilated. All
horses under anesthesia have an anesthetist and are very closely
monitored using the newest and most advanced anesthetic equipment such
as direct blood pressure monitoring, ECG, and blood gas analysis.  The
patient is kept on a continuous infusion of fluids, electrolytes, and
if needed blood pressure medicine. The tattooing usually lasts around
20- 30 minutes per eye. In recovery, the horse is put in lateral
recumbancy (on its side), in a quiet, dark, well padded recovery
stall. The patient is kept on oxygen and the anesthetist closely
monitors the horse until it is standing which usually takes 30 minutes
to one hour post op.

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